We have brought back the Night Vision

night vision toggle

We originally had the option to switch between themes using a toggle, but had to take it down when several users complained about scroll bars acting weirdly. In addition to that, there were several other bugs associated with it. Now, we have finally brought back the “Night Vision” toggle, so that users can enjoy both the worlds!

In addition to that, Liveweave can now save the state of the theme and the layouts. What that means is that, if you save a weave with a specific layout and your theme of choice, say the ‘light theme’, the next time you access the weave, you will see the same layout and theme with which you originally saved it.

Alert! Switching between themes has been disabled

night vision

Due to some rendering issues we had to temporarily disable / remove the Night Vision toggle switch. When the user switched to the “lighter theme” (dark text on white background), the scroll bars were disappearing. In addition to that, when the user was switching back to the default theme (light text on dark background), the scroll bars still didn’t show¬† up.

We will be working on this reported bug, but until then, switching between themes (i.e. the Night Vision toggle) will remain disabled.

Welcome “Tomorrow”, good-bye “Monokai”


We have, once again, updated our default theme. Our new default theme is Tomorrow. So, what was wrong with our previous theme Monkai then? Well, actually nothing. It is a beautiful by itself. However, at times, we noticed that some of the colors appeared too bright, especially at a higher display brightness. Now, that is fine for most people. However, we wanted to make sure, that all our users have an experience that is relatively more soothing to their eyes, especially since the default background is dark.

The light theme stays the same though. So, if you do not like our new default theme, then just click the Night Vision toggle switch.