full screen mode

Single-click full screen option for all panels!


Liveweave now supports fullscreen code editing for all the panels, i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The best part? It is just a single-click away! So, now in addition to all the flexibility of panel resizing, you now have the ability to write your code in fullscreen, just like your old school desktop editor!

We now support true full-screen “demo” mode

full screen

Liveweave now supports full-screen “demo” mode. This mode is completely unobtrusive, so there will not be any Liveweave logos, menus, text etc. So if you want to “demo” your weave, just add the word “demo” at the end of the weave URL. For example, the source for the above example is available at http://liveweave.com/yPuTQa and to see it in full screen just go to http://liveweave.com/yPuTQa/demo. That’s it!

full screen demo mode