New Color & Palette Lab!


Color Lab

For all the color geeks out there, we have a new Color & Palette Lab. It is simple, very simple. Yet, it has pretty much all the colors (hex codes, e.g. #F5F5F5) you will ever need.

The list consists of:

1. Color List – This table includes all the important color names in HTML, e.g. GreenYellow. (#ADFF2F).

2. Secondary Colors – This large table consist of mixed colors (basically, the typical pastel colors).

3. Primary Colors – This table consists of the web-safe colors.

Note: Most computers today typically support at least 24-bit (16,777,216) colors. So any color you pick, should work in all computers.

Palette Lab

Although the Palette Lab initially seems to be a large white box, it actually consists of 14 small white textboxes. Clicking each of them will open up the Palette Editor. Select the colors you want to create the final palette. There are several buttons/controls in the Palette Editor, so you may want to play with it for a while to get a better understanding.

Try it now!


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