We have real-time JavaScript validation now…yay!


We now have real-time JavaScript validation! What this means is that you can just keep on writing your JavaScript code and Liveweave will auto-matically prompt you the errors and warnings as you type. To get the details of each error (or warning), just hover your mouse over the icons.

So, no more worries that you would write invalid JavaScript code. We got your back!


1-click full screen Preview


Do you want to check how your weave looks like in full screen every few moments? Well…we have just the right answer! Located at the lower end section of the Preview panel, there is a new “Full-screen toggle” just for this purpose.

Well, of course you can change the panel sizes, just by clicking the “panel tabs” (twice) or dragging the “panel bars”…but this is just…faster!

fullscreen toggle


Several new CSS3 properties, additional HTML5 elements and more example values

css3 2

We have added several new CSS3 properties, as updated by W3. We have also added several example values to some of these properties, so that you can see what kind of different options are possible. Not only would this make it easier to code, it will be fun to do all kinds of stuff  just by changing some of the preset values!

We have also added some new HTML5 (as updated by W3C) tags as well, along with their new attributes!




Liveweave now supports both light & dark themes!



Originally, when we developed Liveweave, we never really bothered about changing the “light” theme. However, and quite interestingly it turns out that designers and developers actually prefer a darker theme in their editors!

So now, you have the option to toggle between the default (Monokai theme, based on Textmate) and the original “light” theme, without logging in!


Light theme



Welcome to Liveweave 2013!

new liveweave

Liveweave.com originally started as a demo project, which somehow turned in to something  more comprehensive. Originally, Liveweave only supported HTML5 combined mode i.e. a singular view of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (all in the same window/panel). Now, Liveweave 2013 comes with a new modular design that supports separate coding for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript!

With the new (more advanced) quadrant panels, now you can also change the size of the panels depending on your needs.

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